Bureaucracy & Incompetence In Walsall

Having previously worked for Royal Mail for almost twenty years, I have remained an interested observer of  it’s performance, and like most people, rely heavily on a cost effective and efficient service with which to carry out my business.

Twice in the past month, I have been put to some inconvenience, whereby Crozier’s Fusiliers have managed to lose one item of post, and misdeliver another, both of which contained official documentation. No surprise there you might say; however, what was particularly frustrating, is that both items of mail had been posted and were due to be delivered, within the same 1.5 mile radius of my home address.

As both items were not subject to Royal Mail’s extortionate “signed for” service charges, I cannot even claim cost of postage back as compensation, thereby subsidising Postman Pat’s next trip to Specsavers!

What made the second incident equally frustrating, is that it contained my opt out form NOT to be included on the National NHS Database – the £12bn white elephant which proves Government really should’nt do IT. Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from another GP’s Surgery in the same area informing me they had received said opt out form. The monotone speaking receptionist, having taken several drawn out minutes to establish that I was in fact not a patient at that practice, then proceeded to tell me that the form would have to be destroyed and I would have to complete another. When I asked politely, would it not be more convenient to forward it onto my current GP, I got the full repetoire as to why this simple task could not be done (you’ll be relieved to know elf & safety was not included this time).

When I asked that as an alternative, they return it to me and I would personally take it to my GP, back came the robotic response; ” I’ll have to see what my manager says, I’m not sure if I can do that” and then she signed off. 

So in conclusion, to avoid having to rely any further on myopic postmen and uptight NHS receptionists, I will print off and complete another form and take it to my GP personally – it’s a nice day outside today and the walk will do me good.


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