Trainee Grandad Needs Expert Advice#1

Yes it’s true, sometime around mid-August I will become a grandfather for the very first time, with my own parents assuming the roles of great-grandparents, also for the first time. Like most parents I had visions of having grandchildren to spoil, much as my grandparents spoilt me when I was younger, or as mine did with my own offspring – and still occasionally do!

I had however envisaged this state of affairs occurring after my 50th birthday rather than before my 48th, but hey ho, what will be will be as the song says. The scan photo below was taken recently at 14 weeks, so the sense of anticipation is  building with just another 2o or so weeks to go before the next generation makes its debut appearance.

14 weeks and counting

With all the initial excitement though, it has created a bit of a problem.  How one becomes a grandfather is obvious: what is less obvious, is what does one do when they find themselves a grandfather? Both potential parents seem to be nonplussed at the whole situation, ex-wife and trainee grandmother-to-be wonders about their accomodation plans, and current partner is adamant her new name will not include the pre-fix of Nan, Nanny, Gran or any other derivation of same.  Clever daughter at uni has decided –  wisely – not only to put off having children until much later, but to also ensure she can afford the boarding schools first. Youngest daughter thinks the whole thing’s “cool” and is quite taken with being an Aunty. As for own parents, they think it’s yet another example of the youth of today, although secretly I suspect they are quite excited about the prospect. I do however draw the line at asking for their advice on the subject, principally because we never could agree on child rearing strategies in the past. Being as they are both pensioners, they also have enough pressures as it is withstanding the continued attack upon their living standards by what passes for a government these days.

So, in the first of what could become a regular series of postings on matters paternal, I need advice on the joys or otherwise of becoming a grandfather from those who -;

 a) have experienced it

 b) have not been too traumatised by it 

 c) are willing to unburden themselves of it

Needless to say, all submissions will be gratefully received – and learnt from!


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