Trainee Grandad Needs Expert Advice #2

According to the calendar, there are a mere 111 days or 16 weeks before my expectant Grandson is due to enter this world. That said, it’s quite likely he will follow the Cronogue family tradition and arrive slightly ahead of schedule. Since my last posting on this subject , I have learned that the expected first grandchild will be of the masculine persuasion, thereby continuing a bloodline going back to when the Normans first settled in Ireland. The expectant father is doubly delighted, for having been brought up with three sisters and with the female of the species dominating on his mother’s side of the family, he was hoping for a little left back just like himself. Procurement of essentials such as buggy, cot, Moses’ basket, bath tub, bottles,sterilising unit and all the other paraphernalia expected for a newborn, are well under way even as I write.

On Good Friday, the other half and I went shopping for an outfit for her to wear at a  wedding reception the following evening. My Twitter followers @michaelcronogue would have been aware of these events, given I kept up a running commentary of progress including that Eureka moment, when having followed my suggestion on choice of outfits, she emerged at 17:22 hrs (the store was due to close at 17:30) in the eventual choice; leaving me to ponder whether like Gok, I should take up a new career in ladies fashion. During one of the previous unsuccessful stop-overs to find said outfit, I found myself wandering in the children’s section, drawn as if by magic, to the collection of outfits the little fella will need as he gets older. The other half – who still resolutely refuses to be known as Nan, Nanny or any other such derivation of same, reminded me none to subtly, “He isn’t born yet”; and left the store to resume her search for an appropriate outfit. I will however need to investigate further those things that will become de-rigueur, when Michael James as he will be called, finally enters the world: namely an infant Saracens RFC shirt, and the cost of enrolling him as a junior Sarrie. With an aunt-to-be who also operates as a part-time bookies runner for his great-grandfathers-to-be, Baby Michael will certainly not want for lack of a sporting education.

In my last post I also put out a call for advice from those who have experienced or continue to experience grandparenthood and had not been too traumatised by it, but as yet, no such advice has been forthcoming. Perhaps now there would be some of you who would be so good as to give me a few vital  pointers, because excited though I am at the prospect of becoming a grandfather, I’m sure there will be some things I will doubtless overlook, especially if like his father, my grandson decides to enter the world FEET FIRST!


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