I’m On a Spiritual Journey – Destination Appears Known

No this is not the first line of a top-ten smash hit, although if might be if Sir Elton put a tune to it. LOL

This journey and its intended destination, has been something I have been contemplating for some time, but have only recently taken the first steps to making it a reality. I recently wrote about this to a friend who helped inspire my decision, and have re-produced part of that correspondence below, in the hope it might prove useful to others who may find themselves in my position

For some time now I have been contemplating my “spiritual” direction, which has been re-awakened largely as a result of my writing and campaigning on issues that are important to me. This led to me re-joining the Christian Socialist Movement (CSM) as a first step, then subsequently the Co-operative party. For me, one’s faith should always be an extension of their politics, whatever the secularists might say.

Increasingly, I find myself estranged from the Roman Church into which I was baptised and raised. This is not only because of the abuse scandals, but also because of  the rigid doctrines and authoritarian teachings emanating from the Vatican in recent years. After Pope John Paul II died, I felt then – and still do – that the Roman Catholic Church missed an opportunity to modernise, by electing Joseph Ratzinger to the Papacy instead of Cardinal Mario Martini, the Archbishop of Milan. 

On August 02nd last I ventured into an open church morning at St James C of E Church in Brownhills – there’s no Vicar currently at our village church – and as a result of talking to the Vicar, Dave, Josie the Church Warden, and other parishioners, I have since taken Holy Communion and attended an Evening Prayer service both of which I not only enjoyed, but was also made to feel very welcome at. My initial reticence was overcome when I was assured that there was no restriction on a baptised catholic partaking of Holy Communion in an Anglican Church; it’s a shame the RC hierarchy can’t find it within themselves to reciprocate.  Although I do know of one or two catholic priests who wouldn’t be too pedantic about such things. 

Like all potential converts, I have been immersing myself in church history as well as reading various church-related articles, and I am beginning to feel very much at home among the Anglican Communion.

 My friend Claire, (who is also a Churchwarden), and who helped inspire me, was delighted when I told her, replying ” We’re not bad us Anglicans.”  So far, I find it hard to disagree.

I think I know how this journey will end; I certainly know how I want it to end; and yes, it will result in a further blog or two!

Everyone I have spoken to including my former sister-in-law who is a committed Anglican, my daughter, and especially the good folk at St James’, Brownhills, have all given me the motivation to make those first steps. Now that I have taken them, I must endeavour to continue taking them.

I’ll let you know how I progress.


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