No Longer a Trainee – I’m Now a Grandad

It’s official: on August 25th 2011 my Grandson, Michael James, came into the world at 10:58 am weighing in at 7IB 12 ounces. I had been told previously that such an event when it happened would bring unbridled joy and happiness and so it proved. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology I received various emails and MMS messages with pictures of the little man which I passed onto practically everybody in my address book – a couple are below.


One of my friends replied that as a Grandfather himself, the one thing I could look forward to was Michael and I becoming “little Anarchists” together, and making his parents realise the trouble they caused when they were younger. They have been duly warned!!

I finally got to meet the new addition to the Cronogue lineage on Sunday Sept 04th and here’s the picture to prove it-;

They say kids grow up quick these days, and so it proved when I got a text from Baby Michael with a photo of him in the outfit the other half and I bought for him – okay it was his Mum who sent it,  but the message did start “Hi Grandad….”

Other half is still adamant that she is not going to be a Step-Nan or any other Step-Derivation of Grandparenting, but has declared that when old enough, he can accompany her on one of her many retail therapy excursions.  

I did however get the last word in – for once – and via the delights of my smartphone emailed the following picture of “management” holding the baby to various friends of ours, who all once thought such a thing could never happen.

She’ll never live it down!!!!!!


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