An Oasis Fast Becoming An Eyesore

Well it took a while for me to start blogging again. Various reasons abound for not posting on a regular basis since my last posting in May last year. That blog was a bit personal given it was written not long after the deaths of some close family members including my own father.

However with our move from Clayhanger to Bloxwich last December finally settled and having also been concentrating on my poetry outputs of late, I finally have had cause to take up the metaphorical pen and launch yet another diatribe against my old nemesis, Walsall Council.

Below is an extract of the email I sent today to regarding the state of Wallington Heath pond including photos.

If / when I get a response I’ll post that too!!

Dear Sirs

I am writing to draw your attention to the deplorable condition of this local amenity and what seems to be the lack of action being taken by your department over it. Approx two weeks ago, somebody decided to lob a traffic cone into the pond – how or where they got it from is a mystery – however in that period, I have twice observed some of your operatives emptying the waste bins and replacing the plastic bags yet not one of them has even bothered to cast as much as a glance at it, never mind seeing if it can be retrieved! I have pasted in some pictures I took this morning to illustrate my point.




At the time of writing this (14:55hrs today) three of your operatives are busy mowing the grass verges around the heath and along Stafford Road in general, and laudable though it may be, given the grass has only just been exposed again following the snow, surely it needs time to recover and grow some before running these machines over it? Or is it a case of well we’ve always done it like this so…..?

This particular area is home to ducks and other wildlife, as well as a popular spot for dog walkers and people who wish to take advantage of the relative peace and quiet despite its proximity to the main A34.

In recent days a football, several cans and other litter has appeared and yet nobody from Walsall Council has, as far as I know, even bothered to inspect the condition and see if it needs cleaning. The closeness to the main road, public footpaths and nearness to several houses, means that the current blight caused by the cone and the litter can be seen clearly whether one is walking, on the bus or driving a car. Leaving it in this state is a poor reflection on the area of Bloxwich generally, and also undermines the work of those who are trying to improve the image of our town through civic partnerships and by attracting new businesses to the area.

Would it be too much to ask that someone from your department venture from the comfort of your depot on the Pelsall Road and arrange for the eyesore of a cone and the rest of the litter be removed, thus restoring the idyllic appearance we all so much enjoy viewing, especially now that the good weather appears to be making a long overdue re-appearance?

Yours Faithfully


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