Oasis Restored Thanks To Prompt Response

This may come as a surprise to those of you who have read some of my previous posts about our local council here in Walsall. However, today on one issue in particular, I am more than happy to provide praise where it is undoubtedly due. On Monday 08th last, I blogged that I had emailed to the countryside service team at Walsall Council complaining about the state of Wallington Heath Pond, especially the traffic cone which had been there since well before Easter. I included some photos to illustrate my point and re-produced the email in the blog.

You may recall I did promise to post any response I received. On Wednesday last (10th) I received the following email from Jayna Mistry from the Walsall Street Pride team;-

Good morning

Thank you for your email below.

I have raised a litter pick/cleansing job for the area, job ref: 695283. This will be carried out as soon as possible.

Having been away from home for a couple of nights I wasn’t able to see the results until this morning, and as the picture below will show, it has indeed been acted on and looks absolutely splendid particularly when the sun makes a welcome appearance.


Doubtless there will be lazy litter bugs or other thoughtless morons who will continue to use the pond as a convenient dumping ground, despite there being some three litter bins situated in the vicinity. But it is gratifying to know, that there is at least one council department that will act promptly and efficiently to concerns raised by local residents.

So on this occasion, I am happy to raise a glass to the Street Pride team at Walsall Council.

Now, if only we can get the same council to desist with their madcap idea regarding Brownhills Common!!


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