My Contribution to National Poetry Day

This is a poem I wrote as part of a Theology module last year. I never got round to getting it published so I am sharing it now as part of NPD.


My Emmaus Road

Then they told what happened on the road,  and how he had been made known to them in the breaking of the bread

Luke 24:35    NRSV


Who am I this confused soul?

Seeking a path to a destination as yet uncertain,

But yet wanting it to be made known.

Where faith and its joyful expression,

Are projected onto a canvas of Spiritual Renewal.

Where the actions of a life less pure

Are not weighed down by the chains of guilt,

But instead, are cleansed by the love of one

Whose love is greatest above all.

Unlike the travellers walking with the unknown stranger,

My eyes had become blind to the sacrifice Christ made for me

And yet; I kept venturing back, wondering, if, maybe, perhaps

But no: I moved forward, ploughing a secular furrow

Serving not God, but his nemesis instead.


I turned away from the true path,

Like the seed sown among thorns the word was heard,

But the cares of the world proved a louder calling.

Like the master of the talents, I sought to reap where I did not sow

And gather what I did not scatter.

A creed based not on harvesting the fruits of the vine,

But on the lure of pleasure and the pursuit of power.

Qoheleth’s wisdom became my Gospel, my source of truth

To take life as it comes; as surely the same fate comes to us all.

Yet when my own brush with mortality beckoned,

I began to seek a different path, where the seed could take root

And the word would be heard and acknowledged.

It is then that I find the path that I seek,

The community, the place, on my road to Emmaus

Where once again, Christ Jesus revealed himself to me.








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