Here in England’s Second City

During the festive season it is common to remember those less fortunate than ourselves especially those who have no permanent shelter. I wrote this poem in response to an article on posted on December 01st, regarding the scandalous homeless situation here in the West Midlands which is second only to London. (Click here for link) According to the analysis carried out by housing charity, Shelter,  some 16,000 people are classed as homeless in our region with almost 10,000 alone in Birmingham. Perhaps our New Year resolution for 2017 should be to bring more pressure to bear on our elected politicians to end the scourge of homelessness. A good place to start perhaps, would be with those standing for election as Mayor of the Combined West Midlands Authority on 04th May 2017. The poem is below.


Here in England’s Second City

Here in England’s second city

People are sleeping on the streets,

While the shoppers hurrying quickly

Searching for those Christmas treats.

Times like this can be very hard,

When deciding to use which credit card.

But for the homeless in our city

Not for them goodwill to all,

Killing time it passes slowly

Waiting for the dark to fall.

On the streets it’s cold and lonely,

With Sleeping bags to protect them only.

For the many in our city

Christmas is a time of pride,

Gifts and presents we’ll be exchanging

Season’s greetings on this yuletide.

But for those without a home

Left alone, on the streets to roam.

So as we shop and drink and party

As we put on our merry face,

Ten thousand people in this city

Lack an affordable, permanent place.

Stable and cradle were once Jesus’ stalls,

Now replaced by retail malls.



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