Second Time Around

This is my latest poetic posting which is a tongue-in-cheek reflection on being married for the second time of asking. You might think that after only six months it might be a bit too soon,  but we have been together nearly fifteen years. So read on, and hopefully, some of this may be strike a chord of familiarity.


I recently got married again, last year it was in September

A day which for many, we will always certainly remember.

They say things are usually better the second time around,

But can anyone enlighten me with advice that is good and sound?

My dilemma is so acute, I am perplexed and afflicted by confusion

Can a second chance at happy married life be more than just an illusion?

The reason I pose this question in case I forgot to mention,

Is that our current state of happiness, has made us objects of some close attention.

We’d been together a dozen years quite happily living over the brush

We knew we’d tie the knot one day but we weren’t in any rush.

But when the time had come for us to formalise our union,

We didn’t anticipate the obstacles trying to enter into a loving communion.

Because there are a few things to contemplate which may well indeed infuriate

With those with whom perhaps, we are now ready to commiserate.

Firstly changing of one’s status, ladies, you mostly remember what this is

All the bloody hoops you have to jump through, just to become a Mrs!

Passport, Driving Licence, Bank and Credit cards just to mention a few

Then remembering just for convenience, your Facebook, WhatsApp & Twitter too.

Whatever family name you’re changing be it wife to husband’s, or sometimes husband’s to wife,

There’s always some frigging jobsworth, who enjoys being the cause of much strife!

And don’t ever mention the semantics of so-called polite society

For here on display you will find, much in the way of unbridled hypocrisy.

For according to these self-appointed guardians of the morals of our nation

Marriage changes the sin of fornication, into the more acceptable copulation.

When February 14 draws near being married can sometimes be hard

When seeking to buy my beloved that all-important St Valentine’s card.

There’s plenty for girlfriend, boyfriend, one I love & the love of my life,

Yet do you think I can find a decent one, dedicated to my darling wife?

Yet despite all these obstacles, these difficulties which may blighten our way,

Based on present experience I believe I’m in a position to say.

That taking all things into consideration, I can make this statement profound;

Married life does appear to be better, when undertaken the second time round.



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