A Budget Response to Philip Hammond

Well thank God some of you may say, that that media circus called The Budget has been done and dusted. Political Leaders of all persuasions will doubtless be on the airwaves pouring forth opinions on the what was good and what was bad blah, blah, blah.

I thought I would provide my own poetic response as an alternative to the millions of words and wasted column inches that once read and then forgotten  about, will  either provide emergency toilet paper or means of wrapping vegetable peelings, depending on which one you read.

So here it is my response called simply, Dear Mr Hammond. Enjoy!

Dear Mr Hammond, today your first budget did present

The media scrum did duly assemble, to record this momentous event.

You cut taxes for the already rich, you provided funding for new school starts

Yet once again the poor and sick, bore the brunt of callous tory hearts.

Social care received only a pittance, this much we expected to see

It seems once again goes the mantra, to do sweet FA to help the elderly.

To those with chronic conditions, who can’t work but need to maintain their dignity

Life has now become even harder, thanks to a vindictive DWP.

With money to burn on Trident, and vanity projects like HS2

Little wonder is it then, there’s nothing but contempt for people like you?

A cabinet full of millionaires, cocooned from life’s many pitfalls and strife

Yet for many in our country after today, there’ll be no let-up in their hardship called life.

And to those suffering mental illness, and those living without permanent accommodation

You failed to find adequate funding, to alleviate this blight on our nation.

You put sixty billion aside for Brexit, in case of unforeseen events

Yet your Government reneged on commitments, to refugee children sleeping in tents.

The self-employed got hit with a tax hike, but some pubs got a thousand pound rate relief

You first gave and then you took it away, just like the most opportunistic nightly thief.

You raised the threshold for personal taxation, you even increased the minimum wage

Yet to still call it, National Living, is enough to send me into a rage.

So congratulations Mr Hammond, you strove to do your manful best

For this the last springtime budget, that concept has finally been laid to rest.

We now look forward to Autumn, when the public spending rounds get started

But one thing we can always predict, it’s the ordinary folk who’ll get shafted.



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